WHS prom dresses: 2017


There were a variety of prom dresses in style this year. Though some dresses may be similar, they are unique because of the girl who wears it. They make it their own with shoes, jewelry, hair styles, and makeup ideas.

Some of the dresses were mermaid style, two- pieces, ball gowns, and others just were form fitting or slim skirts. What really made each girl feel unique was the colors of their dresses. Colors ranged from green to orange to black to white.

All of the WHS couples had the opportunity to show off their dresses as well as their dates at the Promenade. Promenade is held each year before prom, where each couple is officially announced before one of  their biggest nights of high school. They are announced on the stage, then they are escorted to their seats in the audience where they watch the rest of the couples.

Most of the dresses that were seen at Prom were more form fitting, and flattering to the body type. Almost like a mermaid style, but not all were fluffy at the bottom.

“My favorite style of prom dress is probably the long, straight gowns. Not the mermaid gowns, but they just flow down.” Says Mia Gambaccini

emily prom
PHOTO BY EMILY ANDREWS  Emily Andrews chose a two piece gown. a blue color, with an up do and a nude lip for accent. 
payton pro9m
PHOTO BY PAYTON GRIGSBY           Payton, 11, chose a mermaid style gown with diamond accents with a red lip to match the gown.

No matter what the style dress is, it will be beautiful. Chose what you love for your most memorable night in highschool.




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