Jean Skirts


It is important to have your own style of clothing, while still staying in fashion.  Jean skirts, for example, are always a wonderful piece of clothing to choose to wear.  Jean skirts are literally skirts made from denim material and are also called denim skirts.  Jean skirts can be worn in any season, but they are most often seen publicizing in stores during the warmer seasons of the year.

website-jean skirt.jpg
PHOTO BY: GOOGLE A traditional blue, ripped denim skirt shown worn with a white long-sleeve top and orange purse.  This causes each color to pop.


“I prefer to wear a cute plain t-shirt with jean skirts.  It keeps the outfit classy and comfortable,” stated Corynn Rench.

As one of the most various types of bottoms, jean skirts are worn with almost any top.  Jean skirts, just like plain, old blue jeans, can be worn with just about any shirt depending on how dressed up or casual you choose to present yourself.  Denim skirts can be matched up with both long and short sleeve tops depending on the weather.

PHOTO BY: MIA GAMBACCCINI  Isabella Thompson, grade 10, is wearing a white, ripped jean skirt with a simple marroon top.  This gorgeous outfit is perfect for the warm temperature.

Jean skirts come in several styles to give them their unique look.  The most traditional type of denim skirts are short, blue, and do not have any rips.  Other types of jean skirts are different colors such as white or black.  Some jean skirts have rips in them and the amount of shredded material is not always identical.  Different denim skirts have special patterns as well.  Some patterns include floral or no pattern at all.  Denim skirts can also be categorized into short and long bottoms.

“My favorite style of jean skirts to wear during the summer are short, slightly ripped, and blue,” said Haley Hochstetler.

Dress for the press definitely gives their approval on jean skirts.  Jean skirts offer a more comfortable fit that no one could pass by.  They are fit for any season as well and can be worn with almost any top.  As summer is upon us, jean skirts are a perfect option of attire leaving you satisfied in your stylish outfit.







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