Affordable summer style


The summer is coming and that means busting out the shorts and flip-flops. But as all too many of us know, this can mean finding out that last year’s styles are too tight now or out of fashion. Which means it is time for a trip to the mall! As many of our readers are teens who make very little money.

“I have $20 dollars to my name right now,” said Sophomore Sierra Roberts.  

The closest Forever 21 is at the South Park mall and is a huge store

We here at dress for the press understand the struggle and so we have compiled a list of affordable stores for summer shopping. Let’s start with the best place for crop tops to beat the summer heat. Forever 21 has a varying trend of tops for under $10 and quality shorts for about $20. An even cheaper place that is great for super trendy shirts you’ll only want for one summer is Rue 21 which has crazy sale prices like $2 shirts. They also have super cheap sandals for your fresh feet

One of the best PacSuns in the area right around the corner at summit mall.

 under $8. If you are going for better quality you can live in for years to come try PacSun for clothes with a California feel.

“I got a pair of overalls and 2 crops tops for $20 at their buy 1 get 2 free sale,” said Freshman, Ana Simarro.  

If you really want that brand name without the brand price try TJ maxx. When stores like Hollister order too much of one  product they send the extra to TJ to sell at a reduced price. If you’re willing to go for the gently used brand names, Plato’s closet is the destination for you. They have tons of name brands as well as regular brands at as much as 90% off, and you can even sell your old clothes to them to get some extra cash as well.




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