Flannels for all occasions


Plaid flannels have started to form their own section in many closets.

“Every fall season I find myself buying a new one to add to my collection,” said Haley Burrows.

With so many colors, she aims to wear the flannels with a variety of outfits.

PHOTO BY JORDYN STUBER         Sophomore, Haley Burrows, wears a flannel matched with a white shirt.

When dressing comfortably, you can wear a bigger flannel with leggings, leg warmers, and combat boots. You can purchase these flannels in the men’s section of department stores. Men’s flannels are thicker, which allow for warmth and comfort.

Flannels have become big for the fall.

“I think flannels are comfy for fall, big coats are annoying to wear so I wear flannels instead,” stated Sierra Roberts.

They are seen worn over other long sleeve shirts or even tied around the waist.

For a dressier look you can wear a flannel with a comfy tee, black jeans (or dark denim), and flats. You can find these flannels in the women’s or juniors’ section. If you’re layering, you can wear a lighter flannel, so you don’t get too hot.

PHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES             Black shorts and a white tank top are paired with a flannel tied around the waist.

In the summer, they can be worn with a tank top and shorts. Sometimes they are tied around the waist instead of being worn over the shirt. This offers the comfort of wearing them but not getting too hot. They can also be worn with a T-shirt dress which can be found in the juniors sections.

You can pair a flannel with almost anything. You can mix and match because there are so many different options. They are worn by many, but the best part about flannels is that anyone can wear them!




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