Up to date: jewelry


Some people wear a lot of jewelry, while others wear very little. There are many trends that people can’t wait to join in on.

#1 Chokers 

Chokers were a popular trend in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but they have made their way back into the world of fashion. The nice thing about chokers is that they can be worn casually or when dressing up. They come in many designs as well as colors, they vary in style. No matter what, there is going to be one that matches your taste.

“You can wear them with almost anything. It’s cool because they’re stretchy and they don’t break easily.” Stated Marielle Sweazy

#2 Anklets 

Anklets usually make a come back in the summer, as one of the hottest trends. They come in many colors, knit, gold, silver, beaded, and many others. They tend to give off a “free spirit, beach” vibe, helping add to any beach look.

#3 Alex and Ani bangles 

Layered on top of each other or simply just one, these bracelets add to any outfit. Worn casually or when dressing up, they make any outfit a personal fashion statement. Each bracelet represents something, and adds a personal flair and meaning to each outfit.

dress for the press-- alex and ani
PHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES  Alex and Ani birthstone bracelets add color and flair, especially when stacked.

#4 Big hoops 

Large hoop earrings have been worn by girls for a long time. For a short period of time, they were not worn as much. Recently, they have started to make their way back into everyday outfits.

#5 Princess Rings 

Worn by a large majority of teenage girls, princess rings a subtle accessory, but also a statement piece. This ring has meaning, it makes the wearer feel appreciated and meaningful. Some girls buy the rings for themselves, helping to boost their self esteem. Others get their rings from their parents, calling their daughter their “little princess”. Lastly, some boyfriends will buy their girlfriend a princess ring, to make her feel like a princess.

dress to impress-- princess ring
PHOTO BY GOOGLE                    IMAGES                   Princess rings have a personal meaning, no matter who they’re from

What’s your go-to jewelry?





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