Rompers take over


With summer just around the corner, one of the latest trending clothing attire fit for the season is rompers.  This summer fashion item is surfacing the day-to-day outfits of teenagers.  Rompers are simply a one-piece dress with shorts.  This clothing product was originally worn by only children, but as its popularity grew, more teenagers and adults began to wear them as well.

             PHOTO BY GOOGLE               Multi-shade blue romper with an open tie back and cute neckline.  The silver necklace adds a perfect touch as well.  

Rompers are a unique style of clothing fit for all ages and sizes.  There are several different designs of each and every romper making them an original design different from one another.  Some rompers are a single color, such as royal blue or black.  Others are a specific pattern, such as floral or stripes.  Different rompers are made of different materials and specific designs.  Some rompers are made of silky material or have a crisscross top.  No two rompers are exactly the same.

Rompers seem to be making a comeback from the 70’s and 80’s when they were also regularly worn.  In the 70’s and 80’s, rompers were originally called “jumpers,” but their name has transferred over to “rompers” as the years pass by.  The two biggest differences now, is that the most typical rompers in the 70’s and 80’s were pants instead of shorts and they were a solid dark color.  Today, the most stereotypical rompers worn are shorts, not pants, and have a pattern on them like floral.

PHOTO BY MIA GAMBACCINI Corynn Rench poses in the WHS commons during lunch with an all green romper and cream sweater.

Many teens prefer wearing rompers over dresses.  This is because rompers offer them shorts incorporated in a dressy outfit.  Many athletes in general prefer this fashion item because they feel rompers are the athletic type of dress.  Others just like how rompers have a looser fit than typical dresses and are usually more casual than a dress.  “I like to wear rompers because they are very comfortable and stretchy but the downfall is that is it hard to use the bathroom with them,” said Corynn Rench.  For whatever the reason, rompers seem to be worn more frequently than usual this past year and in the next few months, may surpass the popularity of a simple dress.





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