Seasonal Outfit Ideas


Everyone has a sense of their own style. Their styles usually change through the seasons. In the summer and spring, most people drift towards wearing shorts and tank tops; the “summer clothes”. In the fall and winter, you will typically see a girl wearing ripped jeans and a sweater, or a nicer shirt.

On a poll of 36 votes, 64% of people said they tend to dress nicer in the winter and fall. Rather than, the spring and summer.

“On a normal day, I will most likely end up wearing running shorts and a t-shirt or sweater,” says Hannah Rodgers, “but, when I am going to the mall, to dinner, or out with my friends, I will attempt to dress nice.”

Most people tend to love the fall more than any other season. The weather is beautiful, it almost never rains, and the leaves falling is such a pretty sight. Many fall fashion trends include ripped jeans, sweaters, body necklaces, choker necklaces, and recently, ripped sweaters and shirts.

Miley Cyrus rocking her ripped jeans and a cute sweater, in the fall.                                                         PHOTO BY GOOGLE


“I love the fall because it is the perfect time to be wearing sweaters. Sweaters are my favorite, I have about 45 in my closet. That is like every day of the fall!” said Savannah Quinn.

Many people in the spring, go to wearing dresses and rompers. 56% of people say that they are far more comfortable then jeans. Typically, you do not see many people wearing dresses on a day to day bases. Most people would prefer jeans because the casual state they give.

“Don’t get me wrong, I really do love wearing jeans. I just think that a dress gives you such a cute look, with being highly comfortable,” says Hannah Rodgers. “I usually wear a lot of dresses in the spring. I wear them everywhere; they are easy to put on and easy to move around in.”

In the summer, you will see many people wearing jean shorts. Stores like American Eagle, Hollister, Target, and Forever 21, have many options of shorts to choose from. Jean shorts are comfortable and easy to build an outfit with. You can dress them up and dress them down.

A cute, summer outfit idea. A simple romper      PHOTO BY GOOGLE

Running shorts also are very comfortable and easy to move around in. Most people wear them to athletic events, or just to go hangout. If you know you are doing something active, you probably would be better off wearing running shorts.

In the winter, most people are all towards sweatshirts. The cold temperatures make it hard to dress cute but, make it easy to look cute and comfy.

“I hate being cold. So, how I look, does not bother me. I will go to school wearing two sweatshirts, four jackets, and sweats. Anything I can do to be warm,” says Rachel Smith.

Chic Winter Outfit
Winter hats are a cute go-to  PHOTO BY GOOGLE

In the spring, the weather varies so often. It really depends on the day to pick your outfit. You can go from wearing your typical fall outfit, to wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt.

“It really depends on the day. I remember it was like 78 degrees one day, and the next day was like 50. My outfit range was so weird,” says Cece Speck.

Although the seasons are changing quick, the outfits are changing with them. Remember to always stay cute and classy. Make every style your own.







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