Casual Summer Trends


Sometimes, it can be a challenge to pick out your daily outfit in the summer. Not knowing what is in style or what looks good on you can be hard and you may end up wearing something that you regret later.

blue shorts silky
Casual blue shorts and shirt with matching sandals.      – PHOTO BY GOOGLE

This is a very simple outfit. These blue comfy shorts are silky and soft. They are super comfortable to wear when you want a relaxing evening or you have a small get together. The shirt is very common and can match with pretty much anything. Any of the colors these shirts come in could go with a pair of ripped jeans or jean shorts.

jean shorts and a sweater
Casual sweater and shorts outfit                                         -PHOTO BY GOOGLE

Another simple, but cute outfit is this. Ripped jean shorts with a crop top and a sweater are a good outfit combination to wear when you are out with your friends shopping or going out to eat. The shorts and shirt could go with pretty much anything. The sweater, if it is colder out, can be worn with ripped jeans and a regular white or black shirt.

striped shorts and black t shirt
Casual comfortable outfit                          -PHOTO BY GOOGLE

These striped shorts and black shirt are a super easy and cute outfit. Worn with sunglasses and cute sandals, you’ll look like you are ready for the beach, pool or even a trip out with the friends. This is a super comfy outfit and it is super easy to match.


There are so many different combinations you can make out of summer clothes, so you can have a good time at the mall picking out some different outfits that you can switch around to make more and more outfits. Summer is a great time for experimenting with your outfits!




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