2017 Prom Dress Ideas


Is your prom coming soon and you still don’t know what to wear? Here are some styles and designers that a lot of people have been going crazy over, judging from last years prom.


Sherri Hill: High-Neck Two-Piece 

Seen below, is a dress designed by designer, Sherri Hill, who is really popular when it comes to prom season. This halter top two-piece is what a lot of teens have been wearing for not only prom, but homecoming especially.

jade-dress-SH-50096-aPHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES



Sherri Hill: Two Piece Floral Print Prom Gown

This Two piece floral gown has been really famous this year, and school dance goers who have been wanting more of a couture look, have been snatching these dresses up.

Image result for Two Piece Floral Print Prom Gown by Sherri HillPHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES



Sleeveless Mock Two-Piece Elizabeth K Prom Dress

This type of two piece dress has been popular for the past two years, and girls seem to really like the top, because of the crop and how it is a lot like a tank top, but also because it covers up a lot more. Grace Back, a student who had worn a two piece similar to this dress, commented on how much she liked it.

“my dress was really comfortable, and when I sat down, it didn’t cut off my circulation like a lot of other dresses would, because it was a two piece.”




Floor Length Ball Gown

This classic ball gown dress has been around forever, and if your going for this look at prom, it’s easy to find a lot of these beautiful types of dresses. Graduate, Mia Sword, had said how much she liked wearing one of these types of dresses for her prom.

“I loved wearing my ball gown dress, it was really beautiful and big. It made me feel like a princess.”


gold-dress-DQ-8937-aPHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES







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