The Great Debate: Curly Or Straight?


The big debate over curly hair and straight hair has been going on for a long time. When it comes to this, people are rarely ever satisfied. If you have curly, then you want straight, or vice versa. It’s very hard to choose so we went around and asked a few girls what they thought.

straight hair
PHOTO BY: JORDYN STUBER            Freshman, Jena Lambright, with long straight hair

Maddi Long, a 10th grader at WHS, said, “I like my hair better straight, it’s easier to handle.” With straight hair, it usually lasts longer. It’s easy to brush and can go with any outfit you choose. It’s quicker, and easier to do. Curly hair takes to long sometimes.

“I rarely have the time to curl my hair,” stated Long.

Leah Wagner, 10th, said, “I usually stick with my natural hair.”

Sometimes it’s hard to straighten or truly curl your hair if it’s naturally curly. Sometimes she will go to the salon to have it straightened, but it can be expensive and time consuming.

Cassidy McDougal, 10th, says, “I like curly hair better sometimes because it goes nicer with what I wear.”

Curly hair sometimes looks better when you’re dressing up. It gives you another fun way to top off your outfit. It looks nice and fun. Curling can be tricky to do sometimes.

PHOTO BY: JORDYN STUBER                                    Sophomore, Cassidy McDougal, with curly hair.

Holly Rodgers, 10th, says, “I like to wear my hair straight on casual days but for an event or for a day I want to dress up I would curl it because it looks better.”

In a twitter poll Jordyn Stuber asked Wadsworth High School students which they revered, curly hair or straight hair..  After 10 hours, 27 votes were calculated, adding up to 52% of students prefer curly hair, and 48% of students prefer straight hair. Although curly hair was the winner, straight hair is still enjoyed by many.









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