What NOT to wear


Many people have their own sense of fashion, however, there are some things that simply should not be worn.

There are many trends that are making their appearances, one of which is called the “clear knee mom jean”, which looks exactly the way it sounds. A loose pair of jeans with plastic patch over the knee so that the only thing visible is the knee. One can get their own pair at Nordstrom for $95 each.

Another thing that has been very popular among teenagers has been velvet t-shirts, tank tops, jackets, and dresses. Some velvet once in a while is not a bad thing, but when you wear it all the time most days, it becomes a little bit excessive. The clothes are made of a soft, shiny material that is usually more form-fitting.

“The velvet clothes make girls look fake, I think its a gross trend that needs to go away. ” Said Anna Bowling.

Birkenstocks are a new fashion statement in shoes. If you truly pay attention to any high school, you will see a good majority of the girls wearing them. They’re a type of sandal, typically with two straps to hold them on. They have a cork- like base and they come in multiple colors and a few different styles. A few color choices are rose gold, brown, pink, navy, mint, mocha, orange, green, and more. Some would say that these shoes look like “something their grandfather would wear”. People either like these shoes, or they hate them, there is really no in between.

“Birkenstocks are literal trash, they are pretty much just cork board that people put straps on” Says Anna Bowling on Birkenstock style shoes.

What do you think shouldn’t be worn?



what not to wear, clear knee jeans
Photo by Google                      Clear knee jeans are a trend that are slowly making their way into the world of fashion. 
what not to wear, birkenstocks
Photo by Google                                                         Birkenstocks are new strappy sandal that is making its way in the fashion world. Most high schoolers would say that they have bought a pair, or thought about it at one point. 





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