A blast from the past


There are 365 days in a year, 7 days in a week, and 24 hours in one day.  With that in mind, it has been 27 years and about 4 months since January 1st, 1990.  Fashion of the 1990’s has recently been making some comebacks.  This revival of fashion trends has boomed in the past five years most popular in teenagers.

PHOTO BY: MIA GAMBACCINI Sophomore student, Hannah Saylor, poses with a traditional blue jean jacket over top a green dress.

In specific, one major fashion trend that is coming back from the 90’s is jean jackets.  In the 90’s, jean jackets were worn on a regular daily basis.  Some teens even wore them with plain old blue jeans as well.  This trend is both popular in guys and girls.  In modern culture, jean jackets are often worn with dresses or patterned shorts.  No matter what clothing item jean jackets are worn with, they always seem to add a new feature to the outfit no other piece of clothing can.  In the near future, jean jackets may soon be worn with traditional blue jeans in the closest similarity to the 90’s as ever.  This new fashion trend adds a touch a pizzazz to any outfit they are worn with.

Another reviving fashion trend of the 1990’s is crop tops.  This particular type of top is most often worn in the warmer seasons of the year, but was not always the go-to trend.  In the 90’s, teen girls wore crop tops almost every day along with their jean jackets.  For a few years, crop tops began to decrease in their popularity, but are now just as popular a piece as ever.

“I like to wear crop tops along with high-rise jean shorts because it is trendy, but still modest,” said Stacey Thayer.

New types of crop tops, such as an assortment of colors, patterns, and different textures or materials, are coming out to give teens more of a variety of them to wear.  Crop tops offer teens a cute, stylish top giving your outfit a unique taste of summer.

PHOTO BY: MIA GAMBACCINI Stacey Thayer wears crop tops and high-rise jean shorts to school presenting herself in an old, but good fashion trend.

High-rise jeans and jean shorts are making their move as well on the fashion comeback train.  This unique style of jeans is worn in all seasons of the year.  Some teens wear high rise jeans to cover up more of their stomach when they are wearing crop tops.

Sophomore student, Brooke Burton said, “I wear high-rise jeans all year long because I like how they make my legs look long.”

Other teens enjoy the edgy, clean look of them.  No matter the reason, high-rise jeans and jean shorts are back and better than ever.  They can be worn with a winter sweater, a floral top, or anywhere in between.

A recent poll done on twitter by dress4thepress asked  “What do you think is the BEST 90’s comeback?”  Out of a total of 21 votes, 48% of voters choose high-rise jeans/shorts as the best.  42% of people voted crop tops and 10% voted jean jackets.   All three of these 90’s fashion comebacks are worn almost as often as in the 90’s.  Teenagers, in specific, wear them on a daily basis to school and at home.








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