Recent hairstyle trends


So many people tend to pay attention a lot to hair. They could be noticing the color of your hair, the length or the style. From short to long or in between, everyone’s hair is different in some way.

There are two separate groups; people with long hair, or people with short hair. Some girls tend to cut their hair so they do not have to deal with everything that comes with the long hair. From waking up earlier to trying to do some kind of bun or braid, every morning seems to be a struggle. When asked what the most common girls hairstyle, Regan Mason explained,

“I think that girls tend to wear their hair straight. It could be because it is the easiest to do when it comes to using heat products.”

long hair
Morgan Blackburn with long, natural hair.

Some girls cut their hair into the “pixie cut”, which is a really short hair style resembling a guys hair style. There had to be some kind of reason of why they cut their hair like this. Jadelyn Milburn said,

“I would imagine it to be so much easier to take care of, since it is shorter you don’t have to worry about keeping up with it.”

Many people think that girls style of their hair represents their personality and their style. A haircut can really represent yourself.

Then there is the group of girls who do braids and buns. The messy bun is just a simple way to put your hair in a cute, trendy style. Well, easy for some people. The messy bun can either look really good or, well, a little too messy.

Jenna Scaffidi with a messy bun

The braid is super easy once you can learn and get the hang of it. Many people wear their hair like this for sports, school or even around the house.

Boys can either have long or short hair, really depending on their structure. Recently, boys have grown out their hair longer.

Grant Baker said, “I am a fan of long hair. I definitely  like like my hair longer rather then when it was short.”

Then there is the man bun. Many guys wear their hair in buns when they work out or maybe just any time they want. When asked about the “man bun”, Matthias Gruich, (who wears his hair in a bun when he works out), said,

“The man bun is a risky play… depending on face structure and hair style, it can be a blessing or a curse.”

matthias bun
Matthias Gruich with a man bun

Hairstyles are different for everyone. What is yours?







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