Athletic wear


One style of clothing in specific that is rising in popularity on a day-to-day basis is the athletic style of clothing.  However, athletes are not the only people permitted wearing this type of clothing.  No matter your age, gender, or athleticism, people all over the world enjoy wearing the comfortable yet slick look of athletic clothing.

PHOTO BY: JORDYN STUBER     Polyester shirts and athletic shorts are often worn by high school boys on a daily basis.

Nike and Under Armour are top athletic apparel brands that are similar to top lifestyle brands. Sponsoring local college athletic teams and using professional athletes like LeBron James to promote products helps Nike align its brand with success. They are becoming very popular and people are beginning to see them worn every day.

Boys tend to wear a polyester shirt and some type of athletic shorts topped of with Nike tennis shoes and a pair of elite socks. It has become an everyday outfit for them.  “Personally,” Nicolas Lallathin added, “I like wearing my baseball spirit wear on a daily basis because it’s very breezy and simply easy to move in.”

The girls are usually seen in Under Armour shorts and t-shirts or sweatshirts. “I like wearing my Under Armour shorts all the time because they are comfortable and a good choice for the weather,” said Grace Back. With summer coming up, these shorts will be perfect for hot sunny days. 

PHOTO BY: JORDYN STUBER          T-shirts or long sleeve shirts are typically worn with a pair of athletic shorts

Not only do students wear athletic clothes when working out, playing sports, or running,  many students choose to wear them to school as well.  In a twitter poll, Jordyn Stuber asked Wadsworth High School students whether or not they enjoy wearing athletic clothes to school.  After 10 hours, 26 votes were calculated adding up to 96% of students who enjoy wearing athletic clothes to school and 4% who don’t.

As the seasons begin to change, more and more people will continue and start to wear athletic clothes.  The season of summer is most specified as a season of the year where people wear athletic shorts and shirts.  In specific, when students are running early in the morning, when they would usually be at school any other season. In the next future years, the already existing athletic companies like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and Puma will continue to grow and new companies will be brought to the surface.




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