Spring fashion showdown

PHOTO BY: MIA GAMBACCINI Any shade of ripped jeans are a spring fashion must as for any occasion as  expressed by sophomore WHS student, Sarah Cain, at school.


With the fluctuating weather, it may be hard to correctly dress for the season of spring.  One of the most popular spring female fashion trends are centered around traditional blue jeans while guys find themselves wearing khakis.

Girls have swayed toward a more modernized blue jean with rips in them. Although those specific type of jeans may be outlawed in several schools, its trendiness is too hard to pass for some.  Many high school students find themselves breaking dress code rules to wear ripped jeans.

“Personally,” said Sarah Cain, “I prefer wearing ripped jeans in the spring season because it spices up my look.”

This fashion statement could be worn practically every season of the year depending on what top corresponds with it, but the season of spring is the most traditional.  The uniform blue jeans are most often worn in winter, jean shorts in the summer, and Autumn colored jeans in the fall.  With the changing weather, ripped jeans can be worn with both long and short sleeve tops keeping you cool or warm no matter the temperature.

PHOTO BY: MIA GAMBACCINI Khaki joggers are also a popular spring fashion worn by many guys no matter what occasion.

On another spectrum, guys have expanded upon the typical khaki pants.  One recent trend in male clothing is joggers.  Khakis have incorporated this new trend into their product by creating khaki joggers which has become very popular among teenage boys for their everyday outfits.

“I wear khakis joggers in the spring because I find them comfortable and fit for the season,” said Colton McDougal.

Similar to ripped jeans, these pants can be worn with long and short sleeve tops without having to worry about the temperature.

Ripped jeans and khakis pants are not the only spring trend of the season. Floral shirts, converse, and sperrys have had a good show lately as well for girls.  As for the guys, polo shirts, long athletic socks, and basketball shoes are very popular.





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