What to wear when: summer swimwear

Summer is coming up, and finding the perfect swimsuit can be tricky. Here are some hot trendy swimsuits for the summer of 2017.

  Seen here, 4 girls posing in popular swimsuits for summer 2017.                                       PHOTO BY GOOGLE IMAGES



Do you like comfortable, yet super cute swimsuits? The photo above shows 4 swimsuits that are the most popular for 2017.  The black halter top on the far left and the black crisscross top on the far right, are what a lot of teens have been seen wearing lately.  The cool look that the crisscross on the tops of these swimsuits give have caused their popularity. The two swimsuits in the middle are said to be a bit more comfortable swimwear, because they offer more stretch-ability.  The two swimsuits in the middle also are one pieces giving more coverage in the stomach area than the two pieces do.  Swimsuit attire is up to the preference of your own, but the variety of options above are the most up to date trending.

Freshman, Kaitlynn Murphy, said this summer she has her eye on something more like the peach and army green bathing suits in the middle.

“I really like cute one pieces that are strappy, stretchy, and comfortable,” Murphy stated.


crotchet bathing suit

Thinking of going for more of a vintage style swimsuit? Crotchet has been super popular this year in swimsuits. Lots of teenagers are currently attracted to that old vintage style. This crotchet top can not only be worn for a swimsuit, but as a top with a nice pair of high-rise distressed jean shorts and you can create a nice laid back, beach-y summer look.






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