Dress to impress: casual and classy


Many high school students like to dress up for school, but in a classy but casual type of way. For girls, this can include a sweater or cardigan, ripped skinny jeans, heels or strappy sandals, chokers or layered necklaces, rings, bangles, v-necks, tank-tops, and t-shirts or sun dresses. Girls like to wear what makes them look good as well as feel good. In that scenario, some will even wear black or printed leggings with long shirts or sweaters.

“When I have to dress up, I like it to be sort of casual, but cute at the same time. A t-shirt dress is a good go-to. Sometimes even a v-neck with a necklace, ripped skinny jeans, and some sandals are good look,” says Rachel Thompson.

dress to impress-- lauren schlauch
PHOTO BY MARIELLE SWEAZY                       Lauren Schlauch likes sweater dresses, a comfortable and classy choice. They add a twist to a “dressed up yet casual” kind of style.

For the guys, they tend to be a little more casual than the girls. Guys will wear anything along the lines of khaki’s or joggers, button up shirts, v-necks, flannels, skinny jeans, khaki or cargo shorts, Sperry style shoes, or basketball shoes. Guys have their own unique sense of styles that differs from the style of girls. They tend to not worry about having to do their makeup and probably put a little less work into their hair. They don’t usually worry about jewelry or accessories the way that girls do. Everyone has their own unique sense of style and their own opinions on what is “classy”.

It is important to never be afraid to express your own sense of style.  Their is no such thing as any rules for dressing fashionably.    Everyone is unique and that’s the way their fashion should be.



dress to impress-- savannah quinn
PHOTO BY HOLLY RODGERS    Savannah Quinn wears ripped “mom” jeans, a popular and very comfortable statement piece. When paired with a cardigan, it creates a laid- back look.

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